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You Are Not Alone!

As a parent, one consideration comes first — what's best for your child. When your child has special needs, you may feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you may feel you have your work cut out for you. You may feel that you have to fight to ensure that your child gets the education and services essential to his or her unique needs.

The school's plan for your child may not be aligned with your expectations. That's why it is essential to work with an experienced special education attorney — one who knows the law and can be assertive on your and your child's behalf.

Asserting Your Child's Right To A Free Appropriate Public Education

Our firm represents parents in special education law matters. You can find us in any city in Texas, taking the side of parents against school districts when schools are not providing educational services required under state and federal law.

Lawyer Sharon Ramage worked for 13 years as a special education hearing officer. She is one of a handful of attorneys in our state dedicated to quality representation of parents in special education disputes. Sharon Ramage is dedicated to helping parents obtain the educational services critical to their children's future.

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